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Whether it’s a simple one-time treatment or something more complex like avoiding amputation by unblocking your arteries from your groin to your toes, Broadway Vascular will always provide you with an impartial and honest assessment. We will respect your choice in terms of care. We believe in avoiding needless tests and procedures and constantly prioritize conservative treatment options. We are able to offer a streamlined, personal and individualized experience by avoiding the typical hospital environment. We take the time to understand your situation and then provide safe, cutting-edge treatment preformed in as little as an hour.   It is an honor for us to work with you and your primary care physician to maintain your vascular health.

Broadway Vascular is focused on keeping you out of the hospital and enjoying your loved ones. 

Our Mission

“Broadway Vascular's mission is to enhance the quality of life for people worldwide by combining compassion, expertise, and innovative approaches. Patient well-being and quality of life is our top concern, and we make every possible effort to keep our patients out of the hospital and enjoying their lives.”

Meet Dr. Broadway

Dallas Broadway MD, our founder, is an authority in minimally invasive vascular procedures. He established his practice of Broadway Vascular with advanced endovascular surgery in New York City, where he has conducted thousands of procedures over the past decade.

He has been serving the residents of San Antonio for the last three years.  Broadway Vascular further increases the quality of care for patients around the globe.

Broadway Vascular is committed to limb salvage; to assist individuals suffering from leg or foot discomfort, ulcers of the feet or ankle, gangrene, and recurrent leg infections, as well as to avoiding artery bypass surgery and/or amputation.

Along with treating his patients, Dr. Broadway is committed to ensuring the absolute highest possible quality of care and has educated several specialists  “Trained by Broadway”, including cardiology and vascular surgery, to perform these elegant procedures.  

This is Dr. Broadway with one of his NY Patients

Dr. B and Addison both enjoy black coffee. In the office, never be shy to ask for coffee!!. 

Dr. Broadway discusses history and findings with a Broadway Vascular patient.


Broadway Vascular is part of the Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society registry. All endovascular procedures at Broadway vascular can be viewed in the registry.

Broadway Vascular is proud to be accredited by The Joint Commission. This is another way Broadway Vascular stays in front of the market.

Both patients were told they need amputations. They both consulted Broadway Vascular. Their feet were spared.

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